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Well-Note updates to v1.1 !!

Updates: 1.Run more smooth while viewing files list of a category. 2.After clicking to a file from What’s New, clicking the [Back] icon will take you back to What’s New list but not files list of that category. 3.Fixed some … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Steve Jobs

今天淡定不了..Steve Jobs离去了.. 苹果公司的乔布斯离去了.显得那么的空洞.. 脑子里一次次想起,一次次回响,这么位英才永远地离去了. 不知道是不是为了发布ip 4s才延后发布乔布斯病逝的消息还是正好4s发布了他才病逝. 如果是延后发布病逝消息.Tim Cook带着乔布斯病逝的噩耗发布4s也不好受吧. 世界上再也找不到像乔布斯这样能上台hold住全场的人. 即便有.也只是个山寨货. 可以说,乔布斯做到那样.是全世界男人们事业生涯的顶峰. “Your time on this earth is limited, don’t live someone else’s life, live by your vision.” I’m proud that I’m living my own life. 向乔布斯致敬!!!!!

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